I was introduced to Bryan a number of years ago when I needed a company to manage a property I own. The results have been great. Any issues that arise are always dealt with in a very professional manner. His approach is to work closely with the client and the tenant. For me, Bryan's property management service has been excellent.

Fergus, Enfield, Co.Kildare

Selling your home isn't easy. There’s huge disruption at every level, all sorts of decisions to make and lots to worry about. But Bryan certainly made it easier. He took charge from the beginning, guided us through the long process, headed off problems before they arose and delivered us a sale that exceeded our expectations.


Bryan and his wife Briege have been a clients of mine for over two years and I have never met a more positive and forward thinking person. No matter what Bryan does he will succeed at, it's just in his nature.


Bryan has a great vision and passion for whatever venture he is involved in.
His leadership is both inspirational and exemplary.
Bryan very quickly translates concepts into action and then results. His leadership on a joint developmental project was a catalyst in forming a direction that is still being followed two years on.
His business accumen and brilliance is self evident on meeting and speaking with him.
Kim Stedman


Bryan I just filled out that survey & recommended your business unreservedly! I said the service was exceptional & your experience coupled with your local knowledge of the market was invaluable!! Excellent all the way!!

Anne Marie

 Keep up the good work and thank you for making the process of selling our property 100% stress free

Graham, Co.Dublin

Well now Tony in all the houses I’ve bought & sold over the past 40 years I’ve never had an estate agent or individual send us Christmas Wishes or indeed when we bought our house give us a bottle of wine & let me just say it may just be policy what you do but it's a lovely thoughtful touch & would put u & your company above the rest & in truth what does it cost- nothing but it's appreciated & I hope to deal with you Tony & your company again & wish u all a Very Happy Christmas too - thanks so much you’ve actually made my day.


Yvonne, Kilcock, Co.Kildare

From start to finish great service overall. We were under pressure as we were getting married and wanted to move into our new home before our big day. They gave us a timeframe at the start and even bettered it by a few days. Thanks to RE/MAX Leixlip, delighted with our new home.

John & Claire

Hi Bryan! 

A happy ending thankfully!

Thank you for looking after us so well.

For your cool head when we were losing ours! 

Most impressively for doing 2 things. For doing everything we asked you to do, and doing everything you said you would. 

All the best for the future, and please keep in touch. 


Best regards




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